The Persian Bayan

The Bayān-i Farsi (The Persian Bayān)

         The Bayān-i Farsi (The Persian Bayān, "Exposition") of Sayyid `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bāb (1819-1850 CE) is an innovative, post-Islamic doctrinal-legal work expressive of the mid-late Bābī religion dating to the period of its author's imprisonment in Persian Adhirbayjan (NE Persia) in 1264/1848-9 CE. Like the Arabic Bayān it is incomplete consisting of eight  complete wāḥids  ("Unities") and a ninth wāḥid  ("Unity") with only ten and not the complete nineteen abwāb (`gates').




The Ninth Unity (al-wāḥid)


Bāb 1

Bāb 2

Bāb 3

Bāb 4

Bāb 5

Bāb 6

Bāb 7

Bāb 8

Bāb 9

Bāb 10